Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back To School 2011

It's that time again!  I can't believe how fast summer flew by!  Is it already time for school again?  :(  I never look forward to this time of year.  It's really hard to release my kids into someone else's care.  I really do enjoy having them all home with me everyday.  There's just such a nice and natural flow when they're here and I enjoy them.  They all play well together (most of the time) and have a lot of fun with each other.  We had fun this summer although it was pretty laid back.  School started this year on August 18.  So we now have a...
7th grader
4th grader
a Kindergartener!
(She wasn't too happy about taking this picture...can you tell?)
Our big girl is in Jr. High!  I almost lost it at the orientation...just too much!  :(

Our precious "Buds!"  Boy do I love this guy!!!

Here's our big Kindergarten girl in her classroom on her first day!
I made a special outfit for the first day.  Big ruffle-y polka dot pants and a t-shirt dress with a little detachable apron...F-U-N!  She absolutely loved it and even wanted to wear it to school the next day!  It was a fun project.  I found the cutest fabric that looks like school paper!  So cute I couldn't stand it!!!  So I used it to make the little apron and let her help design it.  She drew a cute little picture and I wrote a message on both sides.  You can see it a little better in some of the pictures down below!  ;)
Although she was super excited, I think she was a little overwhelmed and unsure!  
She looks like such a big girl sitting in her seat...*tear!  :(
After school

On her way to get big brother!
What a sweet reunion!  So happy to see each other!  
(He reminds me so much of my Brother, Brandon here!)

Okay, here's the outfit I made (before I attached the buttons for the apron).  
On the front-she drew a lovely picture and always writes her name so well!

Here's the back side of the apron.  I added a special little message to remind her that even though we couldn't be with her at school, Someone is with her and loves her so much and is always with her and watches over!  (I was anticipating the possibility that she might be a little afraid because this is her very first experience with school-she's never been to daycare or preschool!)  She did great!  Tomorrow (Monday, August 22nd) is Day #4...she doesn't want to go back!  She says it's boring and she already knows everything.  So the initial excitement has ended...uh oh!  I hope she changes her mind!  :)

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