Friday, January 28, 2011

Good Stuff

 Matthew Barnett spoke at our church on Wed. night (1/26). You really should go listen online...  It was AWESOME and he was so funny!  The message was LIFE-CHANGING!  Seriously!  It was based on this book:
It will be released soon (Feb. 1st I think).  I'm sure the book is great, and (I believe he said) 100% of the book's sales will go back into a new ministry in The Dream Center that helps victims of human trafficking.  Go check it out HERE at  

Okay, so as we were driving home from church, I asked what all the kids learned about in their classes.  This is what we usually do on the way home from church, and I will sometimes share what I learned in my "class," as Kaylani calls it.  So I shared some of the highlights from the message.  At some point, I had to explain what The Dream Center is so everything made sense.  When I mentioned that one of the things The Dream Center does is helps the homeless, Garrison made the sweetest and most sincere comment.  I said something like, "they go out and find homeless people and...."  His response was, "I hope they find the homeless man we always see walking." He said something like that and he was so serious!  I could have cried...and laughed!  He's got such a tender heart and really hates that people have to suffer.  I had to restrain myself from laughing at the same time because we live in the Midwest...The Dream Center is in California!  He must have missed that detail...he's so precious!  I hope he's found too!  Until then, we'll continue to pray for him.  You can read more about him HERE.

If you're curious about The Dream Center, go Here  
It's an AWESOME ministry that's making an eternal impact on MANY lives!  Go check it out!

Friday, January 14, 2011

A little Bit of Lovely!

I purchased this fabric months ago and had BIG plans for it.  Needless to say, I haven't made anything with it.  So...I took these photos hoping to remind myself and inspire myself!  Maybe if I look at them long enough, I'll find the motivation to CrEaTe!  What are my "big plans" you ask?  So glad you did!
These will be some soft of sibling outfit concoction...
with some nice vintage-y lace trim...and matching bows, of course!
Oh, and what's that big red and white polka dotted wad of loveliness? 
Here's a hint...
Future outfits for our favorite place {the most magical place in the whole wide world!}  Our two youngest have never been.  We were planning on going last year and the Mr. couldn't take any time off work or school.  I went on an amazing girl trip instead (much cheaper) and had a blast.  Hopefully this year we'll finally get to take them.  They ask almost daily...can't wait!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hello Again!

I haven't posted in quite some time.  I'm so excited about Valentine's Day next month!  I've already done some shopping and I'm planning some special little surprises.  I love doing little extra special things for my family!  I love them so much and I'm so thankful for them!  I can't wait to share the details!  I made a sweet little birthday gift for my cousin's daughter who turned 2 this month.  My girls wanted it so bad!  What they didn't know is that I am preparing the same little gift for them too for their Valentine's Day surprise!  I'm glad to know already that they're going to love it!  I'm not quite done with theirs yet, but just about finished with my older ones gifts.

It's been such an amazing year!  I really need to recap, and hopefully I will soon...and add some new photos (for all of you that harass me about pictures all the time.  Ha ha)!  Until then, here's some photos of the little gift I made.  Her party theme was Olivia.  I loved the way it turned out!  I especially love the little tutu for Olivia!  I can't wait to finish up the girls' sets.  Theirs will have pink tutus!  This was a fairly easy project that mostly just took time, which I don't have a lot of these days.  I love making handmade items, but I don't get to do it as often as I'd like.  :(  So if you've ever received a handmade item from me, consider yourself very loved!  And if you haven't...I still love you!  I usually only sew or create these days for my kids.  I used to get so many people that requested things I made, that it got overwhelming for me to fulfill these orders.  It kind of took the joy out of creating because I felt so pressured and I didn't have time to make things for my own kids.  I got a little burnt out and just busy I suppose, but hopefully this year I'll make more time to create.  I really do love it!
  Wouldn't this be the perfect little birthday present to take to your next party? 
I would love to share a tutorial (my very first) with you soon!

Every little girl needs a tutu!
Yes, that's my Christmas tree in the background!  Am I really behind...or am I just really ahead of the game for Christams 2011?!! Hmmm...
Is this not the cutest thing ever?  A tutu for Olivia!
See how tiny it is?  :)
All packed and ready to be mailed.  I finally made it to the post office the Friday before her Sunday party, so hopefully she got it sometime this week...a little late!

Since we're talkin' tutus, here's another tutu.  A result from a tutu-making lesson with a friend.  Doesn't it remind you of Rainbow Sherbert?!!  Hot Pink, Lime Green, Orange, & Purple!  I think it turned out so cute, and it was so much cuter in person!

 If you'd like to make a no-sew tutu, I have some great resources that I found to be so helpful:
#1 shows how to tie-on tulle
#2 shows how to cut tulle
(Both show how to "make" it!)