Lessons in Motherhood

There are so many things we learn about ourselves as Mothers. Motherhood can bring out the best in us. Amazingly we are filled with this desire to be our very best and do our very best for this new little life we've been given. It can also cause us to discover that while we are trying to give and be our very best, we fall so short. Although we discover there is this amazing natural ability to serve and give, we also find out how selfish we are. Or rather, were. Through Motherhood we discover that there is not much room for selfishness as our children require so much of our time and attention...there's rarely any time left for ourselves. We remember how much time, attention, and focus we placed on ourselves before our child/children were born, and how natural it was to mindlessly do so. Through Motherhood, we have the opportunity to become more and more like Jesus in so many ways. There are so many wonderful lessons I've learned through this gift. I have also learned so much about myself as it has revealed the things that were hidden to me in my nature that are not good. Motherhood offers new challenges each day to grow in Christ and depend solely on Him for everything I need. Here I will share some of the Lessons I've learned, and perhaps some of the challenges, joys, and maybe just some thoughts and funny moments. :)

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