Friday, March 23, 2012

Lalaloopsy Display Tutorial

Have you entered the world of Lalaloopsy yet? Well, if you have little girls, I'm sure you've at least heard the name a time or two! I have 2 sweet girls who LOVE Lalaloopsy dolls! We have all kinds around here (even more than what's pictured here)!  They are the cutest dolls! I like to sew, so of course I love the clothing designs and big button eyes! As our collection has grown, we've started to have an issue with storage. The teeny tiny ones aren't really a problem since they're doll house sized, but have you noticed the regular size dolls don't sit up well on their own with such large heads? Each of them come with little friends too, so they're getting harder to keep up with. I suppose we could just put them a storage bin in the playroom somewhere, but I think they're too cute for that. I'm not really one who likes just throwing everything in a toy box either. So I thought of the cutest way to display them! (At least I think so!)  This is my very first tutorial, so bear with me!  ;)

Here's what you need:
Spray Paint (optional)

 Doll display stands (mine came from Michaels and Hobby Lobby)
 Glue gun/glue sticks or any extra strong glue
 Super strong magnets (mine came from Walmart)
(WARNING!!! Magnets as well as small objects can be harmful to small children.  Please consider this if you will be using them in your project!)

Alright, let's get started!

 1. Place your doll in the stand. 

2. You might need to adjust the height.  The feet should lightly touch the base of the stand.

3. Find the little friend that came with your doll.

4. Decide where 
     friend should go on base. 
Glue one magnet to the center of the friend and place another one on top (don't glue this one).  This is important so that you know the magnets match up properly and you don't glue them on the wrong sides...they'll repel each other.

To glue the other magnet to the base, simply add a dot of glue to the one you placed on top of magnet you glued to the friend and set it down on the base.  If you purchased metal display stands, gluing a magnet to the base will not be necessary.
That's it!  Looks easy enough, right?!  Here's a few we finished.  And for the spray paint???  I thought the stands would look so cute spray painted in coordinating or contrasting colors!  What do you think?  Try it!  I'd love to see yours if you do!     


  1. Thanks so much for the idea! We discovered Lalas just a couple months ago and we're already over run with the cute little buggers.

  2. Awesome! My girls were totally able to pull the magnets off not too long after, so I recommend a super strong glue that will stick to plastic and wood instead of using a glue gun. :-)