Monday, October 11, 2010

One down...3 more to go!

I tackled the impossible and...
 I WON! wasn't exactly impossible, just rather challenging.  I do love a good challenge!  
when this SWEET little 4 year old gave me a request for a certain costume... 
I had to oblige her!  
I mean c'mon...look at this face!
It took a little time and planning, but it was certainly worth it!
I first began making the accessories for this certain costume.
This called for a pair of Turquoise flower earrings, and a Turquoise and Ruby bejeweled crown.
A little stiff felt, jewels, clip-on earring backs, poster board scraps, and gold fabric (which she actually picked out) did the trick!

Now on to the sewing!
I was hoping it would turn out okay.  I didn't have a specific pattern for this costume...had to tweak an old funky one a bit and just wing it on some parts.  Oh, I forgot to mention that I used a great tutorial for the little orange side flaps.  Right before I began the project (in the planning stages), I came across THIS tutorial on THIS blog {make it and love it}.  That happens a lot by the way!  I just happen to stumble across something right when I need it!  So appreciative of this tutorial!  Go and check out the AMAZING Cinderella dress she made for her daughter!  So precious!
Okay...I started this project on Saturday morning and finished up on Sunday night while she slept.  I couldn't wait for her to see the finished product!
  My helper, Angel, decided to test it out for her!  She thought it could use something else.  Hmmm...ah, yes! White princess gloves!
Here's the final result!
Princess Daisy!
She wasn't too thrilled about trying it on for some reason, but hopefully my fickle little 4 year old will actually wear this!  In case you're wondering why she chose this costume, let's just say her video-gaming brother has quite the little cheerleader!  She loves him!  He's a big Mario Bros. fan, so she knows all the characters!
That's one down...3 more to go!

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  1. It turned out great! Your daughter is adorable! Thanks for joining my Halloween Link Party. :)

    - Megan

  2. Thanks, Megan! This is my first time since I entered blog land to join link parties! Thanks for hosting!

  3. This is fantastic! You did amazing! I'd love for you to come link this to my Halloween costume contest!


  4. Thanks, Krista! I just linked up at your blog, which I can't wait to come and look around at btw! I love to find new creative blogs! :)

  5. So cute, well done! I hope she's happy with it too :)

  6. Thanks, MJ! Yes, she can't wait until Halloween until she can wear it! Checked out your your resolution! Good luck in finishing all your projects!