Sunday, February 13, 2011


My husband
My kids
My Momma and Brothers
Family & Friends
Chick-Fil-A Regular Lemonade
(#1 no pickles w/a regular lemonade, please :o)
Crab Rangoon
Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Scents
Eucalyptus Spearmint (Stress Relief), Lavender Vanilla & Lavender Chamomile (Sleep), Mandarin Lime (Energy),
Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha Hot!- I'm not much of a coffee drinker...kind of rarely...but when I'm in the mood, love this!  A "tall" please, with fat-free milk and no whipped cream!!!  Frappuccinos are great too.  (I like those more in the summer though.)

Jeans- I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind-of gal, what can I say?!!  I love them!  You can achieve so many looks with jeans.  You can dress them up with cute heels or wedges or go for a more casual look.  They're a staple part of my wardrobe!
Pretty Things! (Enough said!!!)
This necklace I made (Sorry. No photo. Use your imagination!)
Mirrors (I'm addicted to any reflective surface...ask my hubby!)
Snow days off (Let's not get crazy!  I didn't say SNOW...although a beautiful thick layer glistening in the morning sun is quite lovely to look at!)
Jesus-I LOVE that he LOVES me!  He is LOVE...the very definition of it! Think about that for a minute...

I really could go on forever.  These were just a few things off the top of my head.  My list will continue to grow.  And...if you ever feel the need to buy me something from my list of LOVES...go ahead!
I'd REALLY LOVE that!!!

Cute Ideas I'd like to try...someday!

I LOVE how simple this idea is!  The printables are cute too.  You can get them HERE.  I'm loving the idea of the "cup"cake!!!  A "cup"cake cupcake!  Ha ha!  This would be such cute little something to give a friend on their birthday, to put in the kid's lunchbox for their birthday, or for any sweet little occasion.  The possibilities are endless since you could make a little printable with anything on it you like!  AND...stick a single cupcake in a cup, wrap it in cellophane with a cute little ribbon, and WAH-LAH!  You have a mess-free way to deliver a little LOVE to someone!


Here's another idea that I LOVE.  So CUTE!!!  I'm thinking this would be super easy and would be a dramatic change in a room.  My little tea party lovers would LOVE this too! 
  I REALLY want to make this soon.  My plan is to cover our little IKEA table and stools which live in our playroom right now.
Here's what we've got:
Not too girly, but we've had this set for about 7 years {SUPER DURABLE...GREAT INVESTMENT}.  At the time we only had 2 kids...a boy and girl, which is why it's not so girly!  The ruffles and fabric would give it a whole new look!  I even plan on making some miniature little place mats, napkins, and a table runner to match.  Can you even stand it!!! 
More ideas to come!