Monday, June 21, 2010

Frugal Tip #1

Have girls?  Here's a tip.  As you're building their wardrobe throughout the year, consider dresses.  I'm not talking about anything formal or super dressy, but the cute little cotton or knit kind.  They can be so versatile.  (More on the versatility later!)  Consider the price of a dress, which can be one full outfit vs. buying a top AND a bottom piece to make a complete outfit.  Sometimes it can be much cheaper!  I really love dresses on little girls, and my little girls wear a lot of them!  So what's my fave dress spot for my girls?  Target!  In the little girls section (up to size 5T), I usually find them at an average of about $6-$12 for plain simple basic little dresses.  Slap a bow in their hair, and WAHLAH!!!  You can't beat that for one FULL outfit, right!  And don't get me started on their clearance section...a hoarder's dream!  You can stock up and buy for next season a whole wardrobe for what you'd pay regularly for just a few outfits!  YAHOO!!!  Now go...toot your bugle!


  1. Oh wait and online shopping. I've found that I like a lot of Youngland brand dresses. Jcpenny has some good clearanced stuff too.

  2. Clearance section is where I shop. I rarely buy things full price. Love dresses. I wish my 12 year olds would wear them but they don't. They are going through the anti dress stage but we keep what ever they wear decent!

  3. Yes, me too! I think I naturally gravitate toward clearance sections, sale, or clearance signs! I love dresses too! I don't wear them often myself, but I do like them. I love them on little girls. You have to put dresses on them while you can because it's only so long they're little and you actually can! I went through the same thing with Abri for a while...and still sometimes she doesn't want to wear them. So I'm taking full advantage of the fact that I can dress the little girls however I want while they don't care!!! I think I more window shop online and research. But online shopping is sounding better and better each day as my life seems to get busier and busier. I feel like I'm never home, so I just want to become a recluse and never leave...well maybe just not leave for about a week. Target would probably be calling me by then! :)