Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!
This is the point at which I should add a bit of history about the 4th of July and remind you about this great nation we live in, and how privileged we are to be free, etc., etc.  You get it.  You know this stuff already.  So I'll just skip it!  Just remember to REMEMBER please!  Okay, so I hope your day was SUPER-FANTABULOUS!!!  We got really ADVENTUROUS and must have been suffering from some form of temporary insanity that affects the decision-making process due to sleep-deprivation and decided to take the kids to a Drive-In Movie.  Yeah, I know...
WHAT were we THINKING!!! 
Why were we willing to risk our sanity for such an adventure you ask?  TOY STORY 3 & THE KARATE KID...all in ONE night!!!  And what a great experience...they've never done this before!  Plus, we love our kiddos so much!  It really did sound like a good idea, but we should have known it was a recipe for disaster though...
1.  2 little girls who can't sit through movies in public
2.  1st movie started at 9pm!!!
3.  Past the baby's bedtime! 
4.  We got there at flippin' 7pm! (We wanted to make sure we got tickets...we weren't aware that we couldn't leave once we purchased them...vehicle had to stay!)
Don't ask me if I liked TOY STORY 3...I don't remember much of it!  We chased the baby all over the place and the other little girl was in and out of the car every 2 seconds!  It was hot and sticky and I think some of the reason was because I got that nervous sweat that parents sometimes break out in when their kids are going BONKERS!!!  Don't ask me if I liked THE KARATE KID either...we DIDN'T stay!!!  We probably peeled out when we left!  I'm sure our tires were squealing! No, we probably left so fast people's heads were spinning!  No, we probably left so fast we traveled faster than the speed of light!  Amazingly though, the kids LOVED it!  They had a lot of fun...the 3 who can talk told us!  They loved the movie and it was a fun experience.  They absolutely loved watching a movie outside.  Hey, it's all about the EXPERIENCE, right?!!  I'm glad Hubby and I could lose our minds for a few hours for our little Loves!!!  For that my Friend, it was worth it!  This 4th of July will definitely stand out and go down in our memories as another great family adventure!  :)


  1. LOL Niki what a funny yet real post! I love it. Oh we parents do those things for our kids. The memories we make as parents are indeed priceless. Love the photos too. Isn't that how it is though? People get these pretty posed photos but no one sees what the real stuff is behind the scenes. Nice one! You should frame it.

  2. BHAHAHAHA BHAHAHAHA!!!!! I think I pee in my pantes a little! I laughed so hard when I read this! This could have been a story! I could relate to every bit of it. Even the "nervous sweat" I get that all the time when we are out! I love you and I love reading your blog! Your awesome! Thanks for the laugh. BTW, not laughing at you laughing because I understand!

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  5. Tawanna-Thanks! Priceless is right! They're so worth it. I'm sure you know with having your older 3, and now the younger one how quickly time just flies by. We only have such a short time to make these memories! I'm a firm believer in enjoying each a and every day of your life! Every day is a gift and children are such a wonderful gift! I like the picture too, but I think I'll take the words off or replace it after talking to Richard Sunday! Ha! I don't want to send a wrong message. I'm so honored that you like it since you know about photography and have such amazing photos yourself! Thanks! :)

  6. Casey-I loved your evil laugh by the way! (It was an evil laugh...right?) I'm so glad you enjoyed this! I'm so sorry you peed your pants, but I can't be held responsible! I'm glad you can relate, and so thankful that God allowed our families to cross paths and I have such a wonderful friend (and family friends) who is(are) just like me(us)! Did you get that? Anyway, you're right there with me...I think it's pretty cool our families are so similar! You are AMAZING! I'm realizing the truth of this statement each and every day as I see you walk through this season of your life! I can't wait to laugh...or cry...or ooh...or...ahhh...or just plain be amazed at the stories that have yet to be penned inside your heart! I love you! ;P