Sunday, October 31, 2010

A few Fall photos!

Pumpkin Pickin' @ Eckerts!
This year I decided to be a rebel... 
I strayed from the traditional fall colors a bit...
and decided to do a fun little outfit! 
Forget diamonds...
RUFFLES are a girl's best friend!  
(Unless you're like over 8 yrs old...then it depends on how you wear them! Ha!)
We actually rode in the tractor (wagon) out to the pumpkin patch, but I missed those pictures...forgot to charge the battery! So sad! :(  The 3 youngest were SO delighted!  I would've taken TONS of pictures...I promise!

She really liked being the RED QUEEN this year!
It's been fun, but I've come to the conclusion that Halloween is overrated!  The Hubs and I are seriously re-thinking what to do next year.  WAY TOO MUCH CANDY too!  Oh, I have more pictures...the battery was still dead on my good camera, so I had to use the funky one...long story!

(Should have been) Prize Winning Pumpkins!
We had fun decorating pumpkins for the contest at school this year!  Last year, Abri's pumpkin won 2nd place in the carved category.  The kids were so sure they would take home the gold this year!  They were really proud!
Garrison's Pumkin!  Notice all the Mario costumes...thought it was pretty appropriate for the season!
Not so "Mario"-looking when it's not lit up
Ahh...but wait!
Wow!  Look at it now!  Pretty flippin' AWESOME!
 Check this one out!
A little spider with GOOGLY EYES...AND...a PINK TUTU?  Seriously cute!
Are you ready for this?  It gets better....
Here it is all lit up!
...and up close!
Cutest little spider!  I forgot about the bow, and did I mention the tutu?  Hello?!!  It's PINK!
Neither of our little pumpkins won this year, but we had tons of fun decorating them! 


  1. I stumbled upon your blog via pintrest and am curious if you have a tutorial for your pumpkin shirt? it is so precious!

  2. Hi, Rachel! No, I don't have a tutorial for this shirt. It was super easy to make though! You can search for "applique shirt tutorials" and I'm sure you'll find some great resources. I love how sweet people are to share their knowledge!! I just drew a pumpkin and a stem on paper and cut them out to use as a template. I appliqued the pumpkin on the shirt - super easy process if you've never done it and the possibilities are endless!! Then I added some ruffled fabric to the top of the shirt - this was easy as well. Maybe I'll make a tutorial when I get a chance. :) Thanks for the sweet compliment! :)