Thursday, March 15, 2012

Red Polka Dot Pants = Happiness!!!

Red Polka Dot pants go with just about everything...don't they?!!  :)  Well, they do in our house! We've rocked these bad boys at Christmas time, Valentine's Day, and everything in between! I think they are absolutely perfect with the new St. Patrick's Day shirts I made!  I love how the little rainbow applique turned out!  I love making these little boutique ruffle pants too. They are so versatile and go with EVERYTHING! I design them so that they'll last us a long time and grow with my kids. I sewed my girls some blue jean ruffle pants HERE, and they still wear them now as capri length pants!  So as the kiddos grow they'll eventually be pedal pushers.  You should totally make some!  Think of all the possibilities with color choices and lengths.  I've even modified a pattern and made them shorts!  Shorter (ankle or calf length) boutique ruffle pants are perfect for the fickle Spring weather and go great with shirts, tunics, dresses, and just about everything!  :)  I've used the Bella Pants Pattern by Pink Fig before, and it's great for beginner sewers!  

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