Friday, January 14, 2011

A little Bit of Lovely!

I purchased this fabric months ago and had BIG plans for it.  Needless to say, I haven't made anything with it.  So...I took these photos hoping to remind myself and inspire myself!  Maybe if I look at them long enough, I'll find the motivation to CrEaTe!  What are my "big plans" you ask?  So glad you did!
These will be some soft of sibling outfit concoction...
with some nice vintage-y lace trim...and matching bows, of course!
Oh, and what's that big red and white polka dotted wad of loveliness? 
Here's a hint...
Future outfits for our favorite place {the most magical place in the whole wide world!}  Our two youngest have never been.  We were planning on going last year and the Mr. couldn't take any time off work or school.  I went on an amazing girl trip instead (much cheaper) and had a blast.  Hopefully this year we'll finally get to take them.  They ask almost daily...can't wait!

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