Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hello and Goodnight!

Hello!  I just have to let you know how excited I am to know that people are actually reading my blog!  I am tickled pink, in fact!  I am hoping to post more often, and hey, maybe someday I'll actually post everyday! 
One can dream... 
I would love to hear from you, so please feel free to leave a comment anytime! 
I absolutely love comments!!! 
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I are absolutely mortified by that thought!  Well...become a follower and you'll never have to deal with such devestation.  Why put yourself through that?!!  (Kidding!)  
I am hoping to post more photos soon...well, hopefully sometime in the next century...that's my goal at least!  I find it much easier to read blogs that have lots of pictures.  I just love pictures...don't you?!!  Oh, and feel free to share my blog with's public, so anybody can view it. 

Well, I guess I should get to bed.  I just returned from a wonderful evening with a friend!  (Actually, it's been a couple of hours now.)  She took me out to her favorite restaurant as a gift to me for Christmas.  It was so sweet of her (her husband, too!  He stayed with their children!)  I told her we honestly could've gone to the grocery store, and I would've been happy!  Hey, I'm not hard to please!  I enjoyed spending time alone with her and getting out of the house!  Do you ever feel like that?  Oh, and the food was really good, too!  Don't even think about asking what I had, it was in another language and I couldn't ever remember!  It was a Mediterranean restaruant.  I tried some of her Calamari...and...I actually liked it!  Although I couldn't help feeling like I was on Fear Factor as I thought about what I was eating!  Ha!  I am feeling so refreshed now!  I'm So thankful for her...and Jay for staying home with the kids!  Although, I feel kind of bad because he really should've been studying.  He's got a really important test to take this Saturday.  Please pray for him.  I know that God will bless him for his sacrifice and for blessing me!  I'm praying God will give him some more time to study...we recently had a band concert for Abri, tomorrow night is the kid's Christmas program at school, and multiple stuff in between...busy, busy bees we are!  But he wouldn't miss their little concert for anything!  I know he'll do well though and God will miraculously provide some more study time for him! bed I go!


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