Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter! 
 Today is a wonderful day!  Today I think about the One I love...the One who loves me more than any other...the only One who truly knows me...the One whom I live for...the One who died so that I could live...One beautiful man...One beautiful son...My wonderful Jesus!  In Him do I find life...a life worth living!  In Him I've found Him I find all that I need...He's all I need...nothing else matters without Him!
Today is a Happy day...a day worth celebrating!  Today I am thankful for what He did for me...for you...for this world!  Today I can rest in His love.  Today I can live.  Today I remember not to fear...for just as sure as He loves me, He loves all those I care about so dearly even more than I ever could!  Today reminds me that it's all taken care of...I should have no fear.  Death was conquered on the cross...He did it for us all!  What seems impossible is possible with Him!  Broken hearts He can surely mend.  Hardened hearts softened by His love.  Prodigals that seem so lost, He can chasten home.  Today I'm reminded there is hope!  For all was not lost when His life was He is RISEN, my God is ALIVE!

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