Friday, October 30, 2009


Hello!  We've been super busy around here the past week.  Whew! Halloween is tomorrow and I've been busy busy busy trying to get everyone's costumes ready.  So far...we have Mario and Miss Kitty!

Today the kids got to wear their costumes to school. They were so excited!  Tomorrow night is our Fall Festival at church.  The kids always have so much fun there, and I'm glad my church goes to all the trouble to organize such a fun event every year for both our kids and the community.

So...I said I've been busy, right?....Well, my mouth has been super busy, too!  If perhaps you call me on the phone and I answer by saying, "Put the kitty down," please forgive me!  It seems that is all I've said since Tuesday.  In case you're wondering, we have a new addition to our family!  It's a beautiful little kitten.  She's a Persian kitty with Tabby markings.  We are all in love with her, and she's so sweet!  Meet our "Angel!"  

I know she's gonna get plenty of love around here!  The kids can't seem to get enough of her.  Lily even climbed the gate to give the kitty some lovin'!!!

Kaylani has big plans for our kitty.  She has been trying to teach her tricks and everything! 
I've been praying for our little kitty because I want her to always be with us...if you know what I mean!  I'm sure I'll be writing a lot about Kaylani and her kitty.  Oh, my mom wrote a little book for Kaylani a few months ago.  It was the cutest thing!  I think it was titled, "Kaylani and her Kitty."  You see, Kaylani's been talking about her kitty for about a year now.  She's been asking almost daily "Mommy, where's my kitty?"  I think maybe she just wonders why she doesn't have one.  My mom's book is basically about this question.  She worked so hard on it, and it was really sweet!  Maybe I'll share some lines from it someday.  It was really funny and made us all laugh.  Especially me!  My mom is very silly like me and we both love to laugh.  Well...
Happy Halloween! 
"Miss Kitty"

 "Stephanie from Lazytown
A little "Ladybug" & "Super Mario"

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