Friday, July 15, 2011

This post has no super clever title! :)

I was in Target tonight.
MYSELF!  Now that doesn't happen too often, but it was GREAT!
I've been sort of trapped in the house all week with 2 sick kids, so it was much needed!  And you know what was pretty stinkin' awesome...I was greeted by a Target employee when I walked in the store who noticed I was alone...without my kids.  Funny, but I did not recognize her.  (And I'm in there a LOT!)  She noticed me though, and mentioned that she NEVER sees me without my kids.  I bumped into her a little later in the little girls section and she told me that whenever the kids and I come in the store, she never cringes like she does with most other kids and that they are very well-behaved.  Oh yeah!  I'll just leave it at that!  I kept thinking of this song:

Sometimes you wanna go
where everybody knows your na-a-ame
and they're always glad you ca-a-ame...

Ha ha!  I'll have to admit...made me feel kind of a weird kind of way.  You see sometimes when you're a Mom, you kind of just feel like you're just another face in the crowd...and a lot of the time you're just kid # so-and-so's Mom.  But someone actually noticed me!  Little ol' me!  I guess I can conclude 2 things:

# 1  People actually notice that I'm a person apart from my kiddos.  He he!  :)
# 2  People actually notice me (or you, or anyone for that matter!  Yikes!) and my habits, etc.  So be careful out there!  Always be aware of your surroundings!  Most of the time we don't know when someone's watching us.

I am just being funny here, but I really do meet a lot of people who talk to me and I really don't know where I know them from.  Sometimes they'll mention that they saw me somewhere or we met at a store or church...ever happen to you?  I always feel so bad, don't you?  So I guess the real scary part is people see me out places...AND...I wonder what I was doing at the time?  Was I nice to them?  Was I having a good day or a bad day...was I patient with my kids...was I representing Christ well?  It makes me feel like a celebrity sometimes!  I guess when you call yourself a Christian, you are a celebrity of some sort.  No, really!  Ever heard of God?  Yeah?  His son, Jesus?  Uh-huh.  I actually know them!  No, really!  We're related.  God is my Father!  He's really famous!  Like World-wide!  So that makes me somewhat of a celebrity, right?  You following?  :)  Makes me think of this song:

I always feel like
somebody's watchin' mee-eeeee

I'm being funny again, but seriously I really don't want to give Him a bad name since I kind of represent Him.  I'm sure I have plenty of times (we won't talk about the grocery store this week...well, okay...I confess...the apology I gave to the rude lady when my daughter ripped the fake leaf off the display and threw it in the wasn't sincere...I asked God for forgiveness though! :)  But I really really do want to attract people to Christ, not give Him a bad name.  One thing I've learned is that anytime someone professes to be a Christian, people really start watching them.  We're all going to make mistakes, but I really don't want to cause anyone to turn away from God because of my actions or the lifestyle I lead.  Their eternity is at stake.  Lord, please help me be a sweet fragrance that attracts others to you!

"But thank God! He has made us his captives and continues to lead us along in Christ's triumphal procession. Now he uses us to spread the knowledge of Christ everywhere, like a sweet perfume." - 2 Corinthians 2:14

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