Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Check it out!

This is pretty AWESOME!  I'm so ready for this challenge...21 Days of Prayer for Sons!  I can't say I totally relate to a son who "drains" or "overwhelms" me, but I feel like we're totally different.  And since I've never been a boy, I feel like sometimes I really can't relate to him.  I feel so insufficient as his mother, and there's such an urgency in me to prepare him for his future.  Most of the time I feel overwhelmed by the challenge to prepare him and raise him up as a mighty man of God with godly characteristics in a world full of men who fall so short of God's standards for them.  So...I'm excited!  You can take the challenge too! can get a FREE e-book just for sharing!  Just go HERE and check it out!

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