Thursday, January 7, 2010

Updates: Operation Christmas Child and Camera

Update #1
Hooray!  I'm a little late here, but we found out our shoeboxes went to the Dominican Repulic.  You can read my original post about Operation Christmas Child here!  It was a lot of fun doing this project with our children, and it's great to know that we are blessing four other little children across the miles!  This makes my heart happy!  Our church really got involved in this project, and made it so easy to drop off the gifts once they were all packed!  

Update #2
I want to say a big “Thank You” to all of you who offered me camera help! You can read all about it here!  I finally got a camera for Christmas! My sweet Honey Boy (Ha! Ha!  I hope this name embarrasses him!) let me help pick it out, and we wrapped it for Christmas to open with the kids. It was a rather hurried decision-we went to a store and he just said "let's go get your camera!"  But I would have taken all of 2010 to keep researching…that’s just me!  I over-obsess, over-perfectionize, and over-analyze Everything! I’m glad sometimes for my little Honey Man (Ha! Ha!) who helps me to make decisions at times. I really need that! I really would’ve been researching for at least another 2-3 months with this whole camera thing…seriously...and he wanted to get it for me for Christmas!  I’m so glad to have it!  I just cracked open the box for the 2nd time today! The first time I just opened it and looked at all the papers…today I read the quick start guide briefly. Am I nuts? I guess I’m just waiting for the perfect time so I can savor the moment. It’s one honker of a camera!  I'm sure it's not top of the line (I wouldn't even know what that is btw!), but it's a huge step up from my little point and shoot camera!  I was grateful for my old camera, and it served me well…it’s just broken, and it was time to move on to bigger and better things! Well, I must clarify-it's just a little broken down…not totally broken…just frustrating to use…on the brink of broken…broken lens cap…gotten a little slower now…you get me?!!!  I can't wait to add some pictures on here from my new camera!  Perhaps even this year!  Ha Ha! 


  1. Yes, I thought about cracking the box open today! Ha ha! Maybe I might crack it open and actually hold the camera in my hand tomorrow! Ha ha! Maybe one day I'll actually use it! :)