Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Birthday Stuff and more CrAZy Stuff

Kaylani had a wonderful time at her  
Build-A-Bear Party!  
It was kind of crazy and chaotic, but she had fun!  I think I kind of like
CrAzY CHaOs!
My life feels like it's full of it.  I feel like a camera crew should be following us around.  That would be some good television!  There's never a dull moment in our household that's for sure!  But I love it! 
Seriously, what would life be like if everything was perfect?  My life is far from perfect (contrary to popular belief!)  Ha!  Just kidding!  But I really do love it, and I'm so blessed and so thankful.  Now back to the
CrAzY CHaOs! 
 I will hopefully post some birthday pictures sometime in the next decade!  My dear husband recently called me a "picture hog."  Can you believe that?  A picture hog?!  Actually, I must confess I am guilty of taking enough pictures to annoy the crap out of any sane person, child, animal, or object...and those same pictures never get past the save button on my computer!
So to all of those whom I've excitedly snapped tons of pictures of...which they've never gotten the pleasure of ever seeing...
I'm so so very sorry...a very BiG SORrY.  
It must be all of the
CrAzY CHaOs!
 CrAzY CHaOs!
But don't worry...
I will get those to you someday
Someday...ah yes, someday!
I can't believe my sweet angel girl is 4!
Always remember this...
"It's not a sandwich, it's a Tortada! 
(What the crap is a Tortads btw?)
Word to your Mutha!
No seriously, Sunday IS
Mother's Day!
Don't forget about yo Mommas!
I love me some my Momma!
(Hi, Mom!  Look I'm on t.v.!  I mean computer!)
Okay, I better go to bed before you start to worry about me!

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