Friday, May 21, 2010

The house is quiet.  I should really be sleeping.  It's 12:30.  Uhhh...that's A.M.!!!  I could swear I'm allergic to sleep.  I'm allergic to nearly everything on the planet, so it 's possible...right?!!  I am tired, but I'm staying up to watch something.  I don't really even watch much t.v.  No time for it.  But while I was nursing Lily tonight I decided to channel surf and came across something ever so delightful.  The problem was that it wasn't coming on until 12:30.  Yes!  A.M.!!!  No problem, I set the DVR to record it.  Except I really want to watch it now.  Why you ask?  (And I know you were asking!)  Because Silly, it's House Hunter's International.  And guess what this episode is about?  Yes, you guessed it...SPAIN!  I couldn't resist.  This is where our family wants to move.  No, really!  Hubbers applied for a position in Rota, Spain.  We're praying.  Waiting.  You just never know.  So of course I just have to watch.  I'm excited!  I'm relishing the moment.  Then afterward, I'm heading to bed.  Early soccer game tomorrow.  Night night!



  1. Aww! I just read this. I love you and hope that one day in the future that you will be my neighbor. However, I will settle for the East Coast for now if that is God's plan. But, I believe that you will be here near me one day or we will live near each other again one day!! Besos!!


  2. I'm still holding out for Spain! But not obsessing anymore! Ha! Perhaps one day! I hope one day we'll live close again! Love you!!!