Thursday, August 5, 2010

City Bag

Remember the trip I went on recently?  I made a cute little purse to take with me.  About a week before I left, I was lying in bed and a purse pattern kept popping into my head.  I had been thinking about a solution for a bag to take with me on the trip that would work well for me, and this is when I got it!  That happens a lot.  I kept thinking about it, and a couple of days later I put the kids to bed and decided to try it out.  It actually turned out pretty good!  I didn't run out to the fabric store and pick out special fabric, I just used materials I had here on hand.  Otherwise I probably would never have met my new bag!  Seriously!  Some of my best projects have happened this way.
So here it is!
(Terrible photo...I purchased a point and shoot camera specifically for this trip...which I now aren't that great!)  I'm planning on adding more detailed pictures later.  It still needs some tweaking, but it mostly turned out the way I saw it in my head.  I LOVE this fabric too! 

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