Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Random Things w/ Abri

WARNING...some way through this post you may notice that this is NOT,I repeat,NOT my mother that you all know and LOVE, Simply Niki. Sometimes she lets me use her blog,but I've never finished a post! Can you believe that...NEVER IN MY LIFE!!!
So I'm going to tell you some things about my mom(by the way I am her oldest, most behaved daughter that loves target.)Anyways she is very crafty,owns a bow business,and  her absolute fave word  is:CRAP!
I know it's kind weird, but if you know my mom then you know that she says it a lot! She claims it has a certain sizzle to it. She says it so much that my lil sis used to say,        " Ugh! you scared me out the crap!!!" And when I say lil' sis I mean my first sister,the 4 year old. This was her at Christmas 09. 
Anywhoo,I'm kind of tired of typing now...ya know things get old pretty maybe I'll finish another post some day...awww who am I kiddin',like that'll ever happen again! So Bye, and don't forget to tell yer friends 'bout this blog and check for new posts!
See ya,

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  1. Loved your post Abri! You amaze me! You did this all by yourself...picture and all! You know me so well! You're welcome to use my blog anytime. I enjoyed reading this. To bed I go! I Love you, Dear!