Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's a pillow. It's a pet. It's a PILLOW PET!

I am finally done!  It was me against the pillow pet...I was determined to win.  I almost gave up.  But after 3 days, I finished.  I didn't work a whole 3 days on it, just a few steps each day.  I was inspired by this wonderful tutorial on a blog called TWELVE CRAFTS TILL CHRISTMAS.  There is a 2 step process.  I did a lot of modifying, but it was a great resource.  I was actually thinking about making one when I stumbled across this tutorial.  I had plans to make one for Kaylani and one for Lily.  Re-thinking that whole idea now!  I wasn't quite pleased with how it turned out and the fabric I used sheds like crazy.  Let's just say it wasn't good for allergies.  I still may though.  It makes me so happy when my kids ask me to sew them something and they love it!  I perfectionized every little detail, but she didn't mind the minor imperfections.  She fell in love!  I'll post pictures soon.  She named her pillow pet Cupcake.  Next project:  Bunk bed clubhouse for Garrison.  I promised the boy almost 3 years ago when our house was finished that I'd make him this clubhouse.  He was 6 years old...he's almost 9 now!  I'm surprised he still wants one.  I'll be starting that soon. 

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